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The Ultimate Guide to Setup & Link Building

Any digital marketing strategy today is barely complete without an understanding of Private Blog Networks (PBNs). Despite lying in somewhat of a grey area on the metrics of Google's guidelines, marketers across the global sphere often consider PBN setups and links as valuable assets to their SEO efforts.

A Private Blog Network consists essentially of a network of authoritative websites used to build links to your money website(s) for the ultimate purpose of ranking higher in Google search engine. However, maintaining PBNs isn't necessarily easy or straightforward. Which brings us right up to our main point - how do you set up a useful and efficient PBN?

Scouting for Domains

The first thing that one needs when setting up a PBN is expired or auctioned domains that have solid backlink profiles and were relevant tot he niche they intend on entering. The key here lies doing your homework cleverly - research enough to find those golden nuggets amidst myriad stones.


Nailing down good hosting with unique C Class IPs can be quite the challenge but it's crucial none nonetheless because every single site at your dispense should appear unrelated in order for this operation go undetected by google’s radar.

Website Building

Create different enticing websites using different CMS’ such as WordPress, Joomla etc., for each domain acquired because variety gives authenticity!

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Publishing Content

In preparing the environment don’t forget about developing high-quality content; Originality pays off big time! And remember use anchor texts wisely while linking back since over-optimization may also leave footprints which we definitely want avoid at all costs.

Last Steps

Finally, drip feed the backlinks to your money site and monitor them. If done correctly, PBN links can be a powerful weapon in your SEO arsenal.

The effectiveness of PBNs has been debated through time but undeniable is their potential influence when handled right - they allow for total control over the variables that impact a website's ability to rank well.


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