Hire Dedicated Virtual Assistants

Get More Done. Save Time & Money By Hiring VAs To Do Your Time-Wasting Tasks

Most entrepreneurs usually have their hands full with many tasks – tasks that could easily be delegated to virtual assistants. Most of these tasks are easy but time-consuming chores that leave you with little, if any time for yourself or time to do more important tasks. A Virtual Assistant(s) can take on some, if not all, of these time-consuming tasks and free you up so that your skills and potential can be properly utilized making you focus on a more important things that would grow your business. At OrKra, we offer premium growth and marketing packages at an incredible price.

How does it work?

Whether you need an admin assistant, a content writer, an SEO expert, social media marketer, personal assistant, bookkeeper, lead generator, appointment setter, sales closer or anything that you do not know how to do yourself, or you simply don’t have the time, we have the experts who can do the tasks for you sometimes more effectively and quicker than you would do.


Tell Us What You Want Done

The first step to getting started is to tell us the tasks you want the VA to do for you. Be as detailed as possible so we can provide you with the best VA(s) for the tasks.


We’ll Find The Right VA For You

After we get the brief from you, we will go through our VA vault to find the best candidate for the tasks. We will interview several VAs for your project and present you with the best 3 candidates for you to choose from.


You Approve The VA

From the list of VAs we put before you, you can approve the best one you feel most comfortable working with for the long term.


The VA Gets To Work For You

Your VA will get to work for you giving you more free time and energy to focus on your most important tasks to grow your business faster.

What Can a VA Do For You?

Our VAs are here to take the load off your hands so that you can focus on other things. Your VA will take care of all your tasks that you don’t have to do yourself. This gives you more free time and energy to focus on the big picture stuff. This can include but not limited to the following tasks

Lead Generation

Want consistent leads? Then stop doing it yourself. VAs can help you get consistent qualified leads for your business with LinkedIn & perform email outreach campaigns.

Personal Assistant

VA can help you to do most of your repetitive daily, weekly or monthly tasks such as keeping track of your anniversaries, birthdays, dinners, cinema tickets, and even your dating profiles.

Administrative Tasks

Your VA can help you set up your meetings, remind you of important emails, do your research, create & analyze reports and much more

Social Media Tasks

Being relevant on Social media is one of the key elements of getting sales online these days. Your VA can help you schedule, post, track & create report for all your social media accounts get you or your business more relevant online.

SEO Content Writing

Writing content for your blog or your website is very important if your site is to rank on search engines. VA can write your SEO-optimized articles that will use best-practices to rank your company in Google search results.

Digital Marketing

Whether you are looking to rank your website on major search engines, manage Google analytics for your site, run Facebook, Google, Tiktok, Linkedin and YouTube ads, VA can help you perform all these tasks and more.