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Why Are Short-Form Videos So Popular?

Short video content is more popular today than ever. This format is gaining popularity as people watch short-form videos to learn something new, entertain themselves, and engage with the brands they love.

If you’re not already engaging your audience with short video content, here are reasons why you should.

Attention Spans Are Short

People are bombarded with content. It can be hard to focus, and attention spans are only getting shorter. Short videos are the perfect length for today’s diminished attention spans, which can last one minute or less.

Creating short videos allows you to cater to the attention span of your audience. They offer a great way to bring in leads. People can click on your link and find deeper content if they want more.

Short Videos Get Shared

Short videos get more engagement than longer videos. This is especially the case with social media shares. Your video content will have more reach as your viewers enjoy and share with their friends.

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More Awareness for Your Brand

Short videos are easy to produce, so you can make and publish more than longer-form content.

This is why they’re great for growing awareness of your brand. You can cover a variety of topics your audience is interested in and multiply the chances they’ll find you.

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Take Advantage of Trends

Because short videos are so quick and easy to produce, you can take advantage of trends, memes, and news in real-time. You can be the first in your niche to tackle a subject or jump on the bandwagon.

For example, there might be a news story unfolding right now that you can weigh in on. You can find a trend in the morning and put out a video on that topic by the time your viewers are on their lunch break.

High Quality at Low Cost

You can shoot and edit short videos with less equipment and production costs without sacrificing quality. Even if you have no experience and are not a tech genius, you can produce videos that offer great value to your audience.

How to Get Started

The first step is to identify the goal for your short video marketing. Your goal might be to:

  • Grow awareness of your brand
  • Engage your audience to build relationships with them
  • Generate leads to visit your site or find out more about your business
  • Educate your existing audience on problems they’re facing
  • Teach purchasers how to get the most value out of your products
  • Highlight customer success stories
  • Grow your social media following
  • Promote events like webinars or workshops

Once you’ve identified a goal, you can start planning the types of videos you’ll make by brainstorming topics. With a solid goal and a good grasp of your target market, you’re ready to start reaching your business goals with short videos.

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