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The #1 Key to Getting Results from Short Videos – Personality

Short videos are an extremely popular form of content right now. They’re great at grabbing attention and delivering high quality in bite-sized chunks.

If there’s one single element that determines the effectiveness of short videos, it’s personality. Videos showing a brand’s authentic personality work best to draw attention and build relationships.

What Does It Mean to Be Authentic?

Authenticity means your video expresses your real character, values, and beliefs. It’s not something contrived or put on. It shows you just being yourself and conveys your perspectives, opinions, and sense of humor. When you’re discussing topics you’re passionate and knowledgeable about, this enthusiasm can be infectious.

Showing your authentic personality is essential because audiences are inundated with sales messages and staged content. They want a genuine connection with the brands they buy from. Your personality creates this connection, which helps you stand out from the competition and build trust.

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Know Thyself

How do you show your authentic personality through your short videos? For some, being yourself and letting your passions shine through can be surprisingly challenging.

What are the core values that drive you? What are your biggest interests? Do you know your purpose? Why do you want to build this connection with your audience?

Spend some time on introspection and identify the motivations and passions behind what you do. You can then play to these when choosing topics and producing videos.

Banish Your Fears

Many of us can’t be authentic because we fear being vulnerable. What if you show your true self and people don’t like you? What if discussing your struggles and shortcomings makes you look weak or untrustworthy?

The truth is that vulnerability is one of the keys to being authentic. Sharing your challenges, failures, and insecurities fosters a deeper connection with your target audience, making you more relatable.

Craft a Consistent Voice in Your Short Videos

Authenticity does not mean simply getting in front of a camera and saying whatever comes into your head. Your personality should create a coherent and relatable image of who you are to foster trust and likability. You can be yourself, but you should still consider the voice and tone you’ll use so they're consistent.

Before making videos, choose a tone and style that reflect your personality. Consider your audience and make sure this tone is relevant to them.

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Tell True Stories

Nothing conveys your true personality like good storytelling. Stories humanize and make your brand relatable. They create an emotional connection and offer opportunities to share your core values.

You can start by creating an excellent brand story. This is the story of how and why you first started your business. Tell your audience about the difficulties you faced and how you overcame them.

Engage with Your Audience

Don’t just make and post videos. Reply to comments and follow up with people who contact you. This gives you valuable opportunities to interact personally with your audience.

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