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Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes When Creating Short-Form Video Content

Is short-form video content a central part of your marketing strategy? If not, it should be!

Short-form video is one of the most engaging forms of content businesses use today. People are busy, and short videos allow them to learn on the go. They’re also easier to produce so that you can cover and publish more topics.

Before diving in and harnessing the power of short videos, here are some common mistakes to avoid.

1. Ignoring Your Audience’s Tastes and Needs

If your videos aren’t tailored to the interests and needs of your audience, they won’t engage. You need to cover topics they like and offer the help they’re seeking. The most engaging content addresses challenges and offers solutions.

Research your audience to understand their preferences, interests, and pain points. Create a list of topics that match their tastes. Pay attention to engagement metrics once you start producing videos to learn more about your audience’s tastes.

2. Packing Too Much into One Video

Appealing videos are one minute or less. With videos this short, the content must be compact, and the message must be clear. It’s easy to try to cover too much in one video.

Instead, create one video for each topic. Keep each focused on a single idea and craft a concise script that guides your viewer to the video’s learning goal.

3. Skimping on Quality

Even though videos are short and easy to produce, you shouldn’t cut corners on quality. Poor video or audio quality can make your videos hard to watch. You may lose audience members to competitors. Low quality can also hurt your trust by making you look less professional.

You can create high-quality videos even with low-tech means by:

  • Choosing a location with good natural lighting and few distractions
  • Taking the time to frame the shot so it looks good
  • Considering investing in quality gear like cameras, microphones, and lighting
  • Editing your videos

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4. Forgetting to Engage

Don’t just post your videos and forget about them. Each piece of content you publish is a valuable opportunity to create a connection with your audience. Sign up for notifications on each and respond to comments. This interaction helps to show the personality and authenticity of your brand.

An excellent way to engage is to ask questions in the video and encourage viewers to answer in the comments section. You can also ask commenters questions to deepen the discussion.

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5. Expecting Instant Results

Keep your expectations realistic. You won’t create a few videos that go viral and make you an overnight sensation. Instead, it takes time and consistency.

The path to success with short-form videos is to create a strategy connected to your overall business plans. Know your audience well and brainstorm a list of topics that will interest them. Create a workflow for creating videos, posting them, and monitoring your results. Gradually, you’ll grow your followers and build a close relationship with them.

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