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Reddit SEO vs Google: Why Are Reddit Moderators Removing Google Search Liaison’s Responses?

The Reddit SEO channel is making headlines due to a conflict between the platform moderators and Google Search Liaison Danny Sullivan. Reddit moderators are constantly removing the responses submitted by Sullivan, giving him a hard time connecting Google’s SEO insights to the social platform.

Recently, Sullivan responded with useful solutions in a thread about how bloggers are ditching table of contents (TOC) plugins on blogging platforms. However, his lengthy response on Reddit was deleted in no time. While some may consider it a technical glitch on Reddit, it happened to the Google Search Liaison not just once but four times in a row.

Are Reddit and Google at Loggerheads?

While there hasn’t been any open statement by Reddit regarding Sullivan’s deleted responses, it’s under the public's purview that the Reddit moderators are indeed playing favorites. But if that is so, why are they giving Google the cold shoulder? 

Sullivan is not the only target of Reddit moderators. Google’s senior Webmaster Trends Analyst and Search Relations team lead, John Mueller, also reported that his posts had vanished without a trace in the recent past. All this raises eyebrows about Reddit’s evident anti-Google bias.

Reddit’s Defence

Defenders of Reddit on the matter say there might be an automated system, which axed Sullivan and Mueller’s posts as they contained no links. However, it’s difficult to buy this excuse for the fact that Sullivan’s post was removed for days and Mueller’s responses for months.

Amid all this, Redditors are wondering if there is any point in an SEO subreddit if the platform shuts out insights from Google. It's like a cooking class being run without someone who knows how to cook. It doesn't make sense, right?

Evidence in Favour of Google

According to SEO guru Barry Schwartz, the vanishing act has been happening for a while. “Reddit moderators in the SEO channel continue to remove the responses that Danny Sullivan, the Google Search Liaison, is posting in response to some SEO and Google Search-related questions,” Schwartz wrote in a blog for Search Engine Roundtable.

Schwartz shared a screenshot of Sullivan’s deleted posts and one of his responses, in which he said, “I left a comment clarifying some of this, which seemed helpful. That comment got removed by, I assume, the moderators (who I also messaged about it, and haven't heard back). I left a comment asking about the removal, and that now got removed”.

The act of vanishing posts shocked the original poster, who expressed his disappointment in the thread, saying: “I'm really sorry, Danny, but oh the irony of this is just too much! While Google is flooding search results with Reddit, Reddit won't let you comment.”

How Did it Turn Into Controversy?

In his responses to the thread, ‘How many bloggers will remove their TOC plugins?’, Google’s Search Liaison didn’t advise bloggers to remove Table of Contents from their articles. He recommended the best SEO practices for users. He added that if end users aren’t interested in the table of contents, then why would Google show results contrary to their preferences?

What is Reddit mostly used for?

Reddit is a forum social network that allows users to share and discuss a wide range of topics through communities called subreddits. It also acts as a social news aggregator, thanks to subreddits based on news, entertainment, discussions and advisory content. 

Community members use Reddit to interact virtually on any imaginable subject. Reddit allows users to post content, comment, engage in discussions, ask questions, share links and vote on posts. All this creates a dynamic and diverse community-driven experience for internet users.

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