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Google Who? Discover the Hidden Power of Microsoft Bing Search

Often, when people talk about search engines, they limit the discussion primarily to Google. Recently, Fabrice Canel stated that “Bing usage extends beyond what many search engine optimizers may realize”. Being the Principal Product Manager at Microsoft, it is worth considering that SEO managers might want to examine the limitations of focusing solely on Google and turning a blind eye to Microsoft Bing Search.

Microsoft Bing Search is Making Headway

According to recent statistics, Google has lost about 2% of its market share and that 2% has gone almost entirely to Bing. Therefore, it might be reasonable for a successful SEO campaign to look for trends in the industry over the past five-plus years.

Bing encompasses other search engines such as Yahoo, Ask, DuckDuckGo, Swisscows and Ecosia to name a few of the Windows platforms, as well as Copilot and more. In total, that adds even more weight to Bing’s impact on the search engine market. The overall click volume is impressive, but even more impactful are the high conversion rates that indicate stellar searchers’ satisfaction.

Although in January last  year, Bing only gained a reported 1%, Fabrice explained that the statistics can be misleading. Statcounter showed the market share to be significantly higher at 17%, with Google having just 76%, Yahoo trailing at 4% and DuckDuckGo closely behind at 2%. 

Meanwhile, Worldwild Statcounter reported Google to be at 91% and Bing to be just under 4% across mobile and desktop platforms. The US market share differed, with Statcounter gauging Google at 87% and Bing having a much higher percentage at 8%.

Bing Has an Estimated Billion Plus Users

The statistic that SEO managers should really pay attention to is that Bing has an estimated billion users and is the second most common choice for internet searches. Also, after Microsoft acquired OpenAI, Bing has been aggressively integrating AI tools into their search capabilities, increasing Bing’s traffic by over 15%.

SEO managers work by pivoting to meet the demands of the market and finding creative ways to find their audience. Therefore, by discounting the power of Bing, they stand to lose a segment of the market that can increase their campaign success. 

Why Bing SEO is so Critical

Bing is highly underrated as a useful way to gain exposure for most campaigns. There are four main reasons why Bing SEO is critical.

1. Significant User Base

Although Google is a giant in the SEO world, Bing has a significant following and it is also one that should not be discounted. If a marketer isn’t realising the potential of over a billion users, that is a mistake. Bing has a unique audience, which is rich enough to tap into.

2. Less Competition

Most SEO managers are focused primarily, if not entirely, on Google. That means that Bing has less competition for rankings. It also offers a much less “crowded" arena where a marketing budget can go further. For highly competitive industries, allocating resources in an environment that has more “room” is an excellent idea.

3. The Use of Bing AI

With OpenAI, Bing has upped its AI game. It has increased functionalities and more intelligent recommendations that enhance a visitor's experience. For SEO managers wanting to remain competitive, Bing AI offers cutting-edge technology that can help a brand grow quickly.

4. Risk Diversification

Putting all of your eggs in one basket is always risky. The same applies to putting an entire marketing budget into Google. If there is a significant shift in the landscape of search engines, those who use Google alone will find their efforts eliminated overnight. It would be nearly impossible for them to recoup. When you diversify your strategy, you minimize the risk of losing it all if things change rapidly.

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Building Your Bing SEO Foundation

Just as with any other search engine, it is important to have the right foundation for your SEO marketing campaign. The following steps are necessary to build from the ground up:

Sign Up for Bing’s Webmaster Tools

Bing’s webmaster tools are a must to analyze your campaign. They help to identify the right keywords, gain visibility about backlinks and send alerts of any changes. Any business that creates an account is awarded a dashboard that provides key metrics like click rates and site activity. 

Submit a Bing Sitemap

Microsoft Bing Search allows you to submit a sitemap to help enhance your SEO by improving how it indexes, ranks and crawls your website. A website needs to be verified using an XML file on the web server. Then, it must copy a short meta tag to be placed on the website or add a CNAME to its DNS. Once those steps are taken, the information from the site is more readily available.

Schema Markups are an Excellent Investment

Schema markup will enhance Bing's understanding of the website content and improve the quality of its search performance and therefore, the user experience. 

Claim Business Using Bing Places

If a company has a location, it can be claimed on Bing Places. Just like Google My Business, Bing Places provides information about a company to users. It's a place to post things like hours of operation, addresses and other things that are helpful for the consumer. If a listing hasn’t been claimed, there is the potential that it might have incorrect information, which is why claiming and updating are a must. 

Although SEO managers primarily focus on Google, those who want to stay ahead of the game understand the importance of other search engine rankings, like Bing. Whether Bing holds the projected 2% or up to 8%, with over a billion users, to ignore its growing potential is a huge mistake.

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Building a Winning SEO Campaign

Being a successful SEO professional means constantly pivoting and using cutting-edge tools and tactics to find your audience and create engagement. With less competition, more diversification and AI technology built in, Microsoft Bing Search is the best bet for the future. With minimal budgetary allocation, it is possible to make a significant impact on your search engine rankings by paying attention to what others might not be. 

At Orkra, we are always striving to help our clients stay on the cutting edge of technology and find creative solutions to keep them ahead of the competition. Contact us today to get started on a winning SEO strategy that includes more than just Google.


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