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Graphic Design Salary Brackets in Different Countries and Remote Setup

Graphic design is a challenging job yet full of fun and creativity. It enables the creation of digital and physical landscapes for the growth and promotion of business. However, for all aspirants, the most pragmatic question is: what is the general pay scale for graphic designers? Graphic design salary brackets are different in different countries.

It’s essential to understand the graphic design salary landscape, whether you are based in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada or Australia or wish to work remotely for businesses across the globe.

Graphic Design Salary Average: A Global Palette

The average graphic design salary varies across the globe. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual graphic design salary in the US was around $58,910 as of May 2023. 

Talking about the status of graphic designers in the UK, professionals report that they earn an average annual salary of £25,000 to £40,000, based on their experience and geographic location. As per, the average graphic designer salary in the UK is £30,743.

Canada, which is the fastest-growing economy after the US, offers graphic designers an average annual salary of CAD 40,000 to CAD 60,000. claims in Canada’s last year earnings data that “people working as graphic designers in Canada usually earn between $$19.23/hour and $$46.63/hour”.

In Australia, graphic designers generally earn an annual salary between AU$45,000 and AU$85,000. In a list published by, an average graphic design salary in Australia ranges between $65000 and $80000.

Graphic Design Salary Entry Level

Graphic designers with no prior work experience get starting pay lower than the industry average. In the US, entry-level graphic designers earn around $30,000 to $40,000 on an annual basis, while graphic designer salary for freshers in the UK fall between £18,000 and £25,000 annually. 

In Canada, graphic designers start their professional journeys at salaries around CAD 30,000 to CAD 40,000 annually, while in Australia, entry-level designers typically earn between AU$40,000 and AU$50,000 annually.

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Remote Graphic Design Salary

Remote work has reshaped the landscape for all working professionals that fall under the category of digital marketing. It allows graphic designers to work with flexibility and find growth opportunities beyond geographical constraints. 

As it’s a win-win deal for both service providers and clients, remote-based graphic designers often enjoy competitive salaries. Their offered pay even exceeds their office-bound counterparts at times. Skilled graphic designers can earn competitive salaries from any place in the world, depending on factors like portfolio quality and experience.

Is Pay for Graphic Designers Satisfactory?

Graphic design salary brackets are not satisfactory for all professionals. Aspiring graphic designers do not always find equal opportunities for transitioning into the field. While anticipating their first paycheck, many have to go through lengthy periods of internships and training. 

While the initial salary for entry-level positions is modest in most of the counties, it doesn’t stop someone from crafting a rewarding career in design. Most businesses, small and large, evaluate fresh talent based on their potential and passion for growth and skill development.

How Does a Graphic Designer Get Paid?

Graphic designer salary per month: In many countries, graphic designers are paid every month. However, factors like the nature of employment, whether full-time or part-time, contract terms and employer policies influence the graphic design salary for each individual. 

Marketplaces like OrKra, Freelancer and UpWork enable graphic designers to find high-paying gigs quickly. OrKra is the best marketplace for graphic designers seeking meaningful opportunities in digital marketing services. It connects them with clients worldwide to enable talent to meet opportunities. allows newcomers to showcase their skills and seasoned designers to expand their client base.

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The graphic design salary landscape changes from continent to continent. However, diverse opportunities, the boom of remote work, freelance gigs and rising demand for AI editing make graphic design one of the top jobs. While the above-mentioned nuances of pay scales are crucial for navigating the journey as a graphic designer, one must sign up on to open doors to a world of possibilities.


1. How to become a graphic designer?

It’s quite easy to learn graphic design in the modern digital era. Numerous free and paid online courses on the internet teach you graphic design principles. Enroll yourself in one of these courses to get started and learn key graphic design tools. However, it would be best if you worked on various projects to develop graphic design skills and build an impressive portfolio. A strong portfolio allows you to showcase your work and secure a noteworthy graphic designer salary per month.

2. Which country pays the highest graphic designer salary for freshers?

The UK offers the highest salaries in the world to entry-level graphic designers, followed by the US, according to Other high-paying countries for graphic designers include Switzerland, Australia and Canada. However, the graphic design salary package varies based on skills, experience, industry, location and the nature of employment.

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3. How much do graphic designers get paid in Australia?

Many wonder, Is Australia good for graphic designers? The answer is yes. Graphic design is one of the most popular jobs in demand in Australia. Skilled and experienced designers in Australia earn between AU$45,000 and AU$85,000 on an annual basis.

4. How much do graphic designers get paid in the UK?

The UK is also an excellent choice to pursue a graphic design journey. Recruiters based in the UK value theoretical knowledge along with practical experience and creative expression. As far as a graphic design salary is concerned, professional designers earn an average annual salary between £25,000 and £40,000.

5. How much are graphic designers paid in Canada?

Graphic design is highly in demand in Canada as well. Professionals have reported securing some of the highest-paying design jobs in Canada. PayScale claims that the average graphic designer earns around CAD 49,000 per year in Canada.

6. How much does a graphic designer earn in the USA?

Making a career in graphic design in the US is the toughest of all. One must study graphic design in the USA to ensure a successful career in the field. However, with gig marketplaces like, it’s easy to impress a client based in the US, the UK or anywhere in the world and secure a high-paying design job from the comfort of home. As of May 2023, the median annual graphic design salary in the US was around $58,910. 

7. What is the basic graphic designing salary in Dubai?

The average graphic designer salary per month in Dubai (UAE) is AED 4,500. According to the data published by, this is the basic graphic designer salary for freshers. A senior graphic designer can earn up to AED 8,500 in Dubai. A design manager, who leads the design team, gets an impressive salary of AED 23,500 per month.


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