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Level up Email Marketing: 4 Email Types for a Winning Campaign

Although many people say that email is a thing of the past, a majority of people wake up in the morning sifting through their inboxes. Email marketing has been around for a long time, but its importance and effectiveness have grown significantly over the past several years. 

How to Effectively Use Email Marketing 

As with all marketing tactics, it is all about how you use email marketing and how you speak to your audience. According to statistics, 64% of small business owners use it successfully to target their niche market. Email is effective in finding qualified leads, making sales and retaining customers. If you want to obtain the most success, below are the four types of effective email marketing campaigns to consider.

1. Newsletter Email Campaign

Newsletter emails are a popular type of email marketing. Newsletters are an excellent way to maintain communication with subscribers and provide them with information. But the content is only useful if it offers insights, engaging content about announcements related to products and services and things like how-to steps.

The effectiveness of your newsletter campaign should be measured by asking yourself if your content builds a relationship with those you intend to target and engage. Since it is meant to create loyalty with your subscribers, having compelling and value-added content is a must for success.

Tips for Email Newsletters 

  • The best way to keep your subscribers engaged is to keep your message clear and concise. 
  • Breaking up the content with compelling headlines that grab attention will make it easier for your subscribers to skim to find what they want. 
  • If you find that your audience is no longer subscribed to or is opting out, that is a clear indicator that your content isn’t meeting the mark and you will want to work on reorganising to meet subscribers’ needs.

2. Transactional Email Campaign

Although transactional emails are anything but exciting, they are among the most effective types of email campaigns. Transactional emails are exactly what they sound like. They are used to facilitate a transaction between the recipient and the sender.

Every transactional email has an intended expectation, which can be anything from a confirmation email to a cart abandonment one. It is like leaving breadcrumbs to your customers to follow your lead to the end, where you want them to go. 

Tips for Transactional Emails

  • The key to drafting a successful transactional email is to identify exactly what action you want your customer to take. 
  • For example, when sending a welcome email, you want to welcome them onboard and outline exactly what perks the customer will gain from being a subscriber and what they can expect from the relationship going forward.

3. Promotional Email Campaigns

A promotional email is intended to drive sales, announce a new product or encourage people to sign up and stay engaged. The ultimate goal of a promotional email is to get your customer to purchase a product or service. The key to crafting a successful promotional email is to offer the subscribers an incentive to act. 

You may reward them with an exclusive offer that will be relative to cross-selling products to everyone on your subscriber list. Promotional emails differ from transactional emails in that while a transactional email is used to inform a customer about their account, a promotional one is meant to convert a subscriber to a customer. They are also used to convert customers to advocates for your brand. 

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Tips for Promotional Emails

  • A promotional email is most effective when you leverage it by communicating the allure of exclusivity to your subscribers.
  • By making subscribers feel as if they are part of an exclusive and privileged group, you appeal to them on an emotional level. 
  • The idea is to offer your subscribers something that other customers don’t get to make them feel special.

4. Retention Email Campaigns

A retention email campaign is a targeted message sent only to subscribers to encourage them to increase their loyalty, engagement and overall satisfaction. The intent is to keep your customers coming back and making you their number-one choice. Retention emails are excellent for your small business because they keep you at the forefront of a customer’s mind. That means when they need your product or service, they remember you as the go-to. 

When sending a retention email, you can request customer feedback about your business to keep them engaged. This should be done between the other types of email marketing to acknowledge your customers and keep the lines of communication open. People have a short attention span, so you should continually enhance your visibility with them. In doing so, you keep the competition out. 

Tips for Retention Emails

  • A retention email is best when you use it to keep in constant contact with your consumers by giving them a little perk every once in a while so they don’t unsubscribe. 
  • Although a retention email might sound similar to a promotional email, the intent is different. 
  • The whole idea behind a retention email is to remind the customer that you are still there for them. 

Things like providing the latest news about your business or a barcode allowing them 50% off out of the blue are good ways to give your customer brand favorability and to ensure that you are still their number-one in your given industry. It’s almost like a best friend just checking in. A retention email should remind your customers that you haven’t forgotten about them and hope they haven’t forgotten about you.

Although there are naysayers who think that email is a dinosaur in the new digital age, email is not a piece of old news. If you are a small business, email marketing can increase your sales, brand loyalty and visibility and help convert your subscribers from potential customers to qualified leads. As with any other marketing tactic, it is all about knowing how to use it. 

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